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Project Archetype

Project Archetype

Friday, January 4, 2013

Welcome to Duarte & Associates

We at Duarte & Associates are publishing the first blog.  Our need to keep in touch
with you, the client, is very important to us.  After all it is you that make us a success.  A celebrity cannot succeed without fans, an author cannot sell a book without his readers and so it is the same for us.  We have just completed our first decade of business and we have been much busier than we had expected. 
        The dedicated owner and operator of Duarte & Associates is Dr. Paul Duarte.  For those of you who may not know him well, here is a short bio and a list of his credentials.  He was born in Portugal in 1960.  Then moved to Canada with his parents, and two younger sisters at the age of eleven.  From that time he was raised in Scarborough.  Other than a few short years when he lived in Mountain Grove, near Kingston, Ontario, he’s always lived in his beloved G.T.A.  After switching careers several times, he finally found his passion in the Financial Industry, when he went to work for Primerica.  He was trained and licensed while in Primerica as a Personal Financial Consultant and Life Insurance Agent.  He worked with them for about 3 years and eventually found there were certain clients that he was not able to help due to company restrictions.  His solution… was to work for himself!
Paul’s passion to help all people who need him is what drives him constantly.  He has a desire to see everyone that he comes in contact with, succeed. His instincts for the advice that he gives, along with strong ethics and moral values are rare in today’s world and makes him unique among those in his field.

a Guest Post by Carley Cooper

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