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Project Archetype

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Paying to a point: Why people cheat on their taxes

Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Well, my goodness. The Canada Revenue Agency “fails to find way to catch tax cheaters” and wonders why it happens (CJ, April 28). Do they not realize that taxpayers will pay taxes up to the point they are reasonable. Beyond that point they will evade, avoid or use any method available to not pay taxes.
We have passed this point years ago in Ontario with all the taxes we pay and then see them thrown away on gas plant cancellations, e-health and a myriad of other tax wasting that occurs. Why would we want to give them more money to waste and use it for their own political purposes?
When the political arm of the province spends tax money in a responsible way, then taxpayers will pay the taxes due.
Instead of approaching the problem from the angle of retribution, they should encourage taxpayers to pay taxes with proper use of the taxes they pay.
Michael J.K. Robinson
Thunder Bay

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