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Project Archetype

Project Archetype

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Welcome to Duarte & Associates
weekly news letter
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  • Taxes - The season is upon us, remember that RRSP deadline for 2014 is on March 2nd. Any contributions after that, gets reported next year on your 2015 return.
You can now find us, or the nearest tax preparer, bookkeeper, CPA or CFP on the website

CRA is now open late during tax season and the e-file desk is now open as well. if you have any question feel free to call or e-mail with any tax questions you may have. 
  • Book of the Week - 5 Steps to Successful EMail Marketing  - (just for the asking, see sample below and e-mail above) - Also available
  • Network Marketing & Social Media 
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SFI - Poverty exists by choice. Please allow me explain.

I will use my own figures because I have no idea what your status in the business is or where you stand.
Lets do a little math.
After one year in the business I had accumulated a group of PSA's (personally sponsored affiliates) and CSA's (co-sponsored affiliates) in excess of 650 (both personal and company sponsored). Mostly company sponsored.
I am just an average guy no different from you. If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT TOO. Lets say that this scenario is you.
For each 2nd. month EA (executive affiliate) you help out, you make about $6 and change on average. But lets keep the figures round and say $6.
Let us say, that 30 of those are your personal PSA's. 30 X $6 = $180.00. Not very impressive right? But watch now.
Now lets say, you make $0.60 from all the 620 CSA's. That is (650 - my own 30 PSA's). 620 X $0.60 = $372.00.
We are now at $552.00 a month.
These figures are just from everyone in your group going EA WITH NO DOWNLINE. That does not include Triple Clicks sales, pool or all the extra level bonuses.
Still not very impressive you say, right?
Now lets assume that each person in your group, is duplicating YOU.
You will have a group of 423,150.00 (650 X 650 + your own 650) with 422500 people earning $233,220,000.00 (422,500 X $552.00) on your second level + another $358,800.00 (650 X $552.00) on your first level for a total of $233,578,800.00 per month. This is just 2 levels down.
About 1% of those commissions would trickle into your pocket. Or about $2,335,788.00 a month. Very serious cash in theory right?
These figures DO NOT include commissions on sales generated and bonuses. If that was the case, that number would be 10 to 20 times higher. These numbers are just on the creation of EA's.
But Paul, lets get real and lets say that only 1/10 of 1% will actually take place over time. That is still $23,357.88 a month. That is still serious money.
However, what actually ends up happening in reality is that instead of 1/10 of that 1/10 or 1/100 actually do anything EVER (not just with this but with anything in life), and in that note, only a few of us really make it big, instead ALL of us working hard, but living the good life.
So you tell me? Does poverty need exist, if we all worked together?
Click the link below to find out what's it all about.

Check out any of the links below to find out more. Once you become part of our team and reach Executive, I will make you a landing page and promote you, free of charge just like theirs. This is a $30 value, free to you for showing your commitment.,, 

* IPN Instant Payday Network - Still a great site to make money quickly and it does work. But for whatever reason still has not caught on in popularity. 
One can  easily make a $20 to $100 day from day one, but I guess it may be the idea of trying free trials that people are afraid of. Maybe folks think that they might be duped into buying something if they do. I don't know...! 
If you wish to try it, the link is posted in the following paragraph. 


Four Corners Alliance - Update for our 4CA teamYou may be aware by now that members who received and activated the DPX branded card provided by Cashflows Bank U.K. received a cold a rashly executed email from Cashflows Bank U.K. management declaring that the program with DirectPay Express has been terminated. It went further to suggest that the client better sprint to the nearest A.T.M. before they “Terminate” the card.

While DirectPay Express has been successfully doing other business with Cashflows Bank U.K., the Cashflows Bank U.K. card program proved difficult for us and DirectPay to execute. Cashflows changed the card’s PIN retrieval routine on us which caused a lot of frustration for the cardholders. Cashflows Bank U.K. weren’t loading the card batches reliably, and they sneaked in a PIN retrieval fee for the first time PIN retrieval. The product was not working for Four Corners, DirectPay Express, or our members. We have all been frustrated with how long it takes to get money on the card, if at all.

DirectPay Express recently learned the Board of Directors at Cashflows Bank U.K. were no longer interested in expanding it’s debit card business unit. This action frustrated the head of issuing for Cashflows Bank so much that they quit their job at Cashflows Bank and helped DirectPay to a very robust MLM friendly Bank eager to conduct our business.

The new card will be AWESOME! ... Why?

Four Corners software will be integrated to the same extent as it is with the U.S.A. DPX card program. This means our international members using the new black mastercard will get paid directly to the card the same day they see their withdraw turn green. Ask any of the Four Corners members with in the U.S.A. how easy and convienient they have found the DPX Platinum card.

Note: DirectPay Express is paying for your replacement card. You have no out of pocket expense.

For you, it means that you will log into DPX to conduct all you business in relation to your DPX Black Mastercard. You will be able to activate your card, retrieve your initial PIN number, view transaction history, request lost/forgotten PIN replacement electronically, and more, all available in English, Spanish, German, French, Korean, and Chinese to start with, and later in other languages as necessary.

When will this new card be available?

We are predicting three weeks bulk delivery to our office. We would like to ship your replacement card grouped together with other members in your area in one DHL packet, if that is practical.

Can I just get a refund and forget about it?

Yes, if that is your wish, we will refund the card cost and remove you from DPX. You will need to contact 4Corners Support (reply to this message) and make that request.

Do I need to sign up again to DIrectPay Express for the new card?
No, We will take care of getting your connection to DirectPay Express shifted to the new Black Mastercard program. Nothing for you to do. We will be shipping your replacement card as soon as possible.

You didn't register your Cashflows Bank Mastercard. Maybe you never received it? Please check your address for accuracy. Please also consider that it may be more practical for you to find out if others in your immediate area want to card also. We could then send at least 5 cards minimum to you via DHL Express. You would have to be willing to call the other other cardholders to arrange for them to collect their card. 

  • This week in Idiocracy - I don't know if you have noticed, but if you have a look around you, the world seems to be getting dumber by the day. 
I don't know if it is something in the air, the water, the food, the education system or all the above, but something is definitely happening to people around the globe.
So we have decided to ad this little fun piece, after the movie Idiocracy, entitled "This week in idiocracy".

If you have any idiocratic stories you want to share with us, e-mail them to us and we will post it in the following week's newsletter.

Here is one that happened to us a little while ago.

- About a month ago, one of my best friends who is a senior, got hooked up with a gorgeous 30 something year old bomb shell from Russia.
They corresponded for about 2 month's, convincing him that she was no scammer, in love with him and that they were going to have a beautiful life together forever in happyland looking after each other.
She also convinced him that she got a job on a work visa to Canada in the hospitality business.
The problem was that she did not have $1500 for the airfare, but if he lent it to her, she would pay him back once she started her new job.
My friend called me up and asked me if I would lend him the money.
I had it but told him that I didn't and that I thought that this was a clear scam.
He got a bit annoyed with me and in a gentle manner, told me that she was not that type of girl and that after talking online for two months, that he would know if she was for real or not.
I told him that I myself got taken for a $100 in a similar situation and not to do it. I told him that he probably was not even talking to a women at all, but a scammer somewhere in the world.
He ignored my advice and sent her his rent money anyway.
A week and a half later he came to me apologizing for doubting my words, because he had never heard back from her again. 
This week, the same thing is happening to my ex. She is badly disabled, but well off and has already sent her prince charming in Nigeria $200. He asked her for another $300 and being the stubborn little thing that she is, will probably send it to him. 
I have been telling her that she is going to get burned and she will never see him or the money again and for as long as she is sending, he will keep asking. 
Some people can only learn by trial and error. That is why she is an ex....!

Let us know, your idiocratric story of the week. We would love to hear from you.

When we allow wealth to be created by the banks in the form of credit and manipulated by the top 1% that control wealth. YOU will ALWAYS remain in the 80% who will struggle from pay check to pay check or government handouts, whom are going broke day by day and keep you broke. 
Together we are strong and we keep the money in the hands of the people. 
Alone we are weak and controlled by those who are in control.
You don't have to join me or any of my business ventures, but please support someone you know or a venture you like and stay in control, of your future and of your life.

Tell your friends about us. We are trying to create a Network of God fearing people, who will uphold, raise each other and help one another succeed in life, in business and in faith.Thank you my friends, for sharing this brief moment together and we look forward to our little time together next week.

Book Recommendation 
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If you’re reading this e-book, you’re probably looking for new ways to attract new customers–and maybe build closer relationships with your existing customers too. E-mail marketing can bring you one step closer to achieving those goals.
E-mail marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to you. In fact, in a recent study, 54% of small businesses surveyed rated e-mail as the top online promotion mechanism to drive customers to their Web sites and storefronts. (Source: DMA Interactive)
More and more small businesses are using e-mail marketing today because it’s an easy, fast,
and cost-effective tool for engaging customers and driving sales–and it just plain works.
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