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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Duarte and Associates Bulletin Board Dec. 6th, 2015

Welcome to Duarte & Associates Bulletin board
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The world as we know it is changing at a rapid pace to a new government controlled world order.

For this, the government needs money, and where will they find it? You guessed; you and me. 
CRA (and the IRS) is now auditing anyone with a side business or employment expenses outside the work place and a home office; occasionally they will ask for information they already have knowledge of, such as proof of investments, T or W slips and union dues. 
Chances are, that at some point you WILL be audited with a level 2 audit (a lengthy questionnaire and you have to mail in your paper work).
Then, once you have sent them all of your paperwork, your case gets sent to a newly created Special Assessments Unit comprised of a team of nothing short of assholes, who's prerequisite for the job is being an asshole. They will go over the paperwork with a fine tooth comb for the past 3 years which is all they can demand of you by law.
Then they will send your paperwork back, with all kinds of made up bogus trumped up reasons why they are disallowing your deductions and asking you to send it all back with any additional information you may have; or they will proceed with the re-assessment.

What does this mean for you and I?

It means that for every deduction they disallow, it will increase your income, and every penny of that increase is taxable and usually, you end up paying back most, if not all the refunds you got for the past 3 years.
Most people will not dispute this or fight back to avoid problems with the government and just simply pay it.

From a clients point - it is irritable and frustrating, because in almost every case, someone else prepared your tax return and you don't have a clue what to send in or not to send. 
So you will turn to your bookkeeper or accountant and overload them with more paperwork and expect him or her to sort it and resolve it for free. 
Also CRA/IRS will ALWAYS find deductions that they will wrongfully deny you on technicalities, such as if you use a percentage of mileage driven as opposed to providing them with a log for the mileage you spent on your business (who in the world ever keeps a log of their mileage unless you are a truck driver).
On that alone they will deny ALL of your vehicle expenses, which is the biggest or second biggest deduction of your small enterprise.
So after all is clear and done, you end up paying taxes while large corporations end up paying little or NO tax at all.

Moral of this act of stupidity and personal invasive-ness  is that it it is a lose, lose situation for all involved.

It is a losing situation for the individual, because it is a great inconvenience on their already busy schedule and because CRA and the IRS are taking back part or all of of your refund that rightfully belongs to you.

It is a losing situation for the bookkeeper because, from an accountants or bookkeepers point, most of our clients are loyal, for as long as you are getting them a nice refund. The moment they get audited or have to pay in, its the bookkeepers fault and the following year they will be off to another tax preparer / bookkeeper, thinking that he or she will do a much better job. 
They lose business, which took them years to build and depend on that extra income during tax season to provide for their family. I some cases they may have to wait another year to put braces on their kids or payoff their credit cards.

It is a losing situation for CRA or the IRS, because all these honest hard working Canadians and Americans lose their dream of business ownership, by being harassed (it takes almost 3 years for ANY business venture to actually turn a profit). 
Even those that are actually making money, will not pay taxes on that extra income and will go underground (most of my clients with side businesses have already told me that, saying that it is not worth the hassle). 
Which is what CRA and the IRS has been trying to prevent since their inception.

The government are not trying to prevent an underground economy and employment, they are encouraging it and creating it, with these tactics and harassment. 

My question is this. If these agencies continually reassess people; is it not because CRA / IRS did not do their job in the year the taxes were filed?
Why give someone a refund, then ask for it back, once the money has been spent and then charge interest when they know the person cannot pay it back?
The underground economy is growing and there is no one to blame but the government itself.

It is like I always say "The only difference between the government and white collar thieves in jail, is that one has a licence to steal and the other does not and got caught".
What CRA / IRS is doing is nothing short of legal extortion and exploitation.  

Book of the Week
"Answers to Prayer"

"Sometimes I found children of God tried in mind by the prospect of old age, when they might be unable to work any longer, and therefore were harassed by the fear of having to go into the poorhouse. If in such a case I pointed out to them, how their Heavenly Father has always helped those who put their trust in Him, they might not, perhaps, always say, that times have changed; but yet it was evident enough, that God was not looked upon by them as the LIVING God. My spirit was ofttimes bowed down by this, and I longed to set something before the children of God, whereby they might see, that He does not forsake, even in our day, those who rely upon Him.

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This week on Idiocracy - I don't know if you have noticed, but if you have a look around you, the world seems to be getting dumber by the day. Peoples IQ has dropped dramatically in the past 10 years (look it up).
I don't know if it is due to chemtrails, the water, the GMO's and chemicals in our food, the education system or all the above. But something is definitely happening to people around the globe.
So we have decided to ad this little fun piece, named after the movie Idiocracy, entitled "This week in idiocracy".

If you have any idiocratic stories you want to share with us, e-mail them to us and we will post it in the following week's newsletter.

This week on idiocracy 

- This story doesn't really have much to do with idiocracy as it does how the world views and treats the handicap.

In the past few weeks, I decide that I was going to marry the women I love - and for that I needed to get a job and get off my minuscule disability pension. 
I decided that I can no longer live and have a family on bread crumbs disability provides.
So, I headed out to an employment agency and updating my resume.
Since I have CMT and depend on a wheelchair to get around; but still fit as a junior bodybuilder, I decided to apply to a Recreation Center for the disabled Variety Village.
After many e-mails with no answer, I decided that the best thing to do would be to call. I left message after message until I finally reached someone in HR.
The answer was, that I had to be certified as a Personal Trainer and in CPR (which I am) but it had to be from only ONE Canadian fitness institution, Canfit Pro. Nothing else would do.
In other words, Arnold Schwarzenegger could walk in and apply, but would be rejected if not certified by this ONE institution. But a petite, 5' 3", 120 pound little girl, could walk in with a certificate and get the job.

YMCA, the same thing. The employment agency, The MS Society, The March of Dimes and 46 fitness clubs in the city the same. You can guess which charities I will NEVER donate to. 
I might of, if there was even a courtesy call or e-mail saying "thanks for your interest, but at this time....".

Then I applied to another employment agency who did respond with this

"Thank you for your recent interest in OfficeTeam. We have reviewed your application; however, at this time, we do not have any opportunities that match your current background and experience. Please continue to keep us informed of additionally acquired experience, skills and expertise, as these can dramatically increase your placement potential in the future.

and I responded on their public review page.

"Let me see if I have this straight. I have not one but two PhD's, I have written two published books, run a company with over two hundred tax clients, managed a construction company with a crew of 5 and you have no opportunities that match my current background and experience? I see you are looking for able bodied newbies right out of school who know everything in theory, but nothing of the real world.
Thank you for your response, but I won't be needing your services now or anytime in the future.
I got a response to the review within 1/2 an hour, but still no job offers.

Then, I decided to put in my resume with an employment agency that placed disabled individuals back into the workplace. 
They botched my resume saying that "it was too long and all over the place", into something that a 12 year old could put together during his lunch break. 
All that it listed was my most recent work experience. Nothing more, nothing less.
They did call a few days later with an opening, but the best they could do was a telemarketing job, to bother people, while they were having their dinner. 
I told them, thanks but no thanks.

I am a guy whom has spent 1/2 of his life getting an education and certified in various fields, and the best they could do is reduce my life's experience to a telemarketing job? Sad but true....!

It is then that I realized, that the best job I can do is what I have been doing all along even if the pay sucks.


If you have your own idiocracy story send it to us and we will publish it in the next bulletin.

On this note, did you know that if you are on a disability pension, you cannot sponsor anyone even to visit Canada?

Tell your friends about us. 
Thank you my friends, for sharing this brief moment together and we look forward to our little time together next week.
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