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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Duarte & Associates Bulletin Board Dec.13th, 2015

Welcome to Duarte & Associates Bulletin board
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Christmas is upon us and it is a time to enjoy the company of family and friends.
It is also a time when CRA loves to hit you with letters telling you how much money you owed them back, due to deductions that they rejected midsummer and that you were entitled to. (their way of spreading holiday cheer)
Right when your focus is on family and the holidays, you open your mail and "Merry Christmas dear tax payer".  Then they will give you 30 days to respond, but they close for 2 weeks out of those 30 days for the holidays until the New Year.

They will succeed at gouging most peoples pockets too.... Why?

Because they know, that most people fear the CRA or IRS and the damage that they can inflict. So, the issues go uncontested
And for those who do...!  they know that much or at least some of the paperwork from the last 3 years has been lost or misplaced and you can't prove your claims for that year.
They also know that many will not be able to pay that money back, especially after Christmas season and the credit card statements arrive. 
That gives them a good reason to keep your next refund in its entirety, if not more.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Let me say this, if you owe your fair share please pay it. 
However most Canadians / Americans have already paid more than their fair share in other forms of taxation. Such as roughly 24% of their weekly pay checks, property taxes, fuels taxes, and so on and on. This, aside from fines, dues and registrations of all kinds. 
Why should you get taxed twice? Once when you get paid and again at the end of the year on your total income.

Keep your receipts in a safe, neat and organized place for a minimum of 6 years. A filing cabinet or bankers box helps.

If you have a side business and you except cash for payment, please don't show up at your bookkeepers door with only about a $500 income in invoices for the entire year and no income statements at all. Then expect the government not to find that fishy.

Please keep ALL your receipts, even if you are just taking a client out for a cup of coffee.

Please, don't think that once you have filed your income tax return, that you are safe from the tax man and throw all your receipts in a box, in a dark damp corner of your basement or in the garbage. The time has past where you could do that.
Now the government is finding new and crafty ways to squeeze as much money out of you as possible. Don't get caught up in their game. Keep everything...! and they come knocking you have the proof necessary to back up your claims.


Christian Heritage Party Communique

Rod Taylor - Leader of the Christian Heritage Party
CHP Communiqué Vol 22, Issue 49, Dec 08, 2015

Wrong Conclusions; Wrong Solutions: How the West Fails to Fix its Problems 

Every math student knows that problems can only be solved when there is enough information given to which one can apply a formula. Sudoku enthusiasts use the process of elimination to fill in missing information without which the rest of the puzzle cannot be completed. So it is with the very real puzzles of our times—social unrest, environmental degradation, international conflict, and relational dysfunction, among others.

Beginning any investigation with the wrong clues could lead a careless detective down back alleys, wild goose chases, and dead ends. When reliable evidence is discarded or ignored, the likelihood of a successful solution is decreased…or at least postponed. When lives hang in the balance, delay is critical and methods matter. Firemen want to know where the fire is, where the nearest fire hydrant is, are there any people in the building, etc.

In recent decades, social planners and law enforcement agencies, courts and legislators, schools, media, and a vast array of advocacy groups have sought to understand and respond to the destructive events and trends of our day; they inevitably assess situations through the lens of their own training and perspectives. Lawmakers and high-level bureaucrats can’t avoid the issues of the day: the soaring national debt, toxic air and water, purposeless and unmotivated youth, suicide, disease epidemics, broken homes, senseless mass murders, falling literacy and functional incompetence, alcohol and drug abuse, teen pregnancies, homelessness and poverty, terrorist violence, partisan rancour, corporate corruption, and more.

As our society has moved away from a Christian world view, away from a shared commitment to biblical morality, so we have consciously or unconsciously begun to interpret circumstances differently and to apply solutions more suited to a socialistic, “new age” paradigm…even if they don’t work! Fishing in a bucket is way easier than fishing in the ocean but the likelihood of catching a fish for dinner is considerably smaller.

Here are a few examples of current issues, misguided responses and some Better Solutions from the CHP:

Childcare: Since many families are struggling to pay their bills, often both parents feel the need to work outside the home. Therefore, some claim that the government must use taxpayer dollars to pay for institutionalized childcare.

Better Solution: Provide a “family care allowance” to make it possible for one parent to stay at home nurturing the children, creating stronger family bonds and reducing the tax burden. Job openings created will reduce unemployment.

Brutal violence and murder: The tendency in vogue is to blame weapons, not people. We saw this in the recent terrorist attack in San Bernardino. Radical Islamists used guns but in 9/11 they used utility knives and airplanes. It’s the ideology and the hatred that lead to murder.

Better Solution: Hold people accountable for their violation of God’s laws against murder. Restrict gratuitous violence on TV. Teach the sanctity of human life by protecting human life at all stages.

Sexual disease and teen pregnancies: Our educators have told them to use condoms for “safe sex.” We see the results all around us. Moral restraint has been cast off. STDs are epidemic.

Better Solution: Teach young people that their bodies are a sacred trust from God and meant to be kept pure for a lifelong marriage to one individual; endorse abstinence before marriage and fidelity within marriage.

Government spending: Governments tend to raise taxes or run deficits, passing along our unfunded expenditures to future generations.

Better Solution: Cut spending. Focus on real needs. Stop buying votes with boutique handouts to certain demographics. Government MUST live within its means.

Youth anger, gang activity, graffiti and bullying: The tendency is to say, “Kids have nothing to do. Build them a pool or a pool hall.” However, crime doesn’t occur because of lack of entertainment but because of a lack of an eternal perspective.

Better Solution: We know that much anger, resentment and insecurity results from divorce and broken families. Work harder to prevent divorce. Eliminate the concept of no-fault divorce. Restore tax incentives for those who keep their marriage commitments and remove economic incentives for divorce and common-law relationships. The Darwinian view of life taught in most schools robs children of a sense of purpose and destiny. We should teach schoolchildren that they are made in the image of God and that He has a plan and purpose for their lives. They are not meaningless blobs of tissue; they are moral beings with potential and responsibilities. Teach them that actions have consequences, either good or bad.

Sexual perversion: Since some citizens struggle with gender identity and some choose homosexuality, many believe that children should be taught that homosexuality is “normal.” In schools, young children are instructed in all aspects of sexual behaviour and are encouraged to make their own choices.

Better Solution: Recognize that the biblical narrative is correct, that God made “male and female” and warned mankind against violating these natural boundaries. Teach children to respect others but encourage them to choose biblical marriage—a lifelong commitment between “one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others.”

Summary: So often the “easy way” to solve social problems seems to be to hire more people, send more money and create new departments. Except that it rarely solves the problem. If we really want to change our nation and reduce poverty, debt, and violence, we will have to properly identify the problems and then look for answers that are reliable. Our problems are not new and neither are the answers. In Jeremiah 6:16, the Lord implores His people to “look for the old paths, the good way; walk in it and you will find rest for your souls.” As of today, Canada has not done so. Our society is addicted to “change for the sake of change.” If we want real solutions to our real problems we will have to return to the Lord. To help bring CHP’s Better Solutions to more Canadians, join CHP. If you’re already a member, thank you!

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This book is the end result of one Pentecostal layman's reflection. The term "Pentecostal Layman", needs some qualification, because unlike many Pentecostals who were born and raised in a Pentecostal church, I am a relative newcomer. I was saved at an early age but was raised in a liturgical church, a combination of events that is unlikely but not impossible.

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This week on Idiocracy - I don't know if you have noticed, but if you have a look around you, the world seems to be getting dumber by the day. Peoples IQ has dropped dramatically in the past 10 years (look it up).
I don't know if it is due to chemtrails, the water, the GMO's and chemicals in our food, the education system or all the above. But something is definitely happening to people around the globe.
So we have decided to ad this little fun piece, named after the movie Idiocracy, entitled "This week in idiocracy".

If you have any idiocratic stories you want to share with us, e-mail them to us and we will post it in the following week's newsletter.

This week on idiocracy 

- I have a bi-sexual relative (well sort of), she was adopted into the family, but now that both parents have passed away (from my dads side of the family), she no longer is related, but we still treat her as family.
She has had several relationships over the years, and 3 lovely healthy children as a result of two of them. 
But now she has decided that, she had enough with men and is now going out with a women, who claims to of having been gay since the age of 4.

This women has 2 children of her own, which she acquired through artificial insemination and were born with serious health issues. She loves her children, but have been a costly ongoing source of anguish and in and out of doctors.
Aside from the health issues, she paid a cool $5000 for each successful little white swimmer that fertilized.

The two, have decided to tie the knot in 2 years time, but that is not the most bizarre part of this story.

The most bizarre part is, that in spite of her future wife having 2 disabled children through artificial insemination, they plan on having another in their late 30's and early 40's with the eggs injected from my confused relative and the sperm from an anonymous donor.

When I heard this story, I was awed not just by it, but also why they would want to bring a 6th child into the world at their age. 
As usual I had to throw my 2 cents in and suggested, why not just sleep with a man, who does't want children and sign a waiver claiming any responsibility? 
If they are determined to go ahead with this plan, why not save $5000 bucks and the possibility of having problematic children without getting frozen semen from a sperm bank.

To some of you, who may have had bad relationships or are gay or a feminists at heart, this may seem quite OK to you, but to me, this seems like a bizarre, costly and crazy idea. There is a lot to be said for good ol' fashion relationships between a man and a women and for hetero-logy. 

If you have your own idiocracy story send it to us and we will publish it in the next bulletin.

Tell your friends about us. 
Thank you my friends, for sharing this brief moment together and we look forward to our little time together next week.
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