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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Duarte & Associates Bulletin Board Jan. 24, 2016

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The World as we see it - Take a look around you, is the world gone mad?
I have just recently started a new relationship with a very nice, polite and pretty (on the voluptuous side) younger lady.
We had only seen each other a couple of times, before she asked me if I would stay with her, at least for a few days. 
I figured that, at 55 and handicapped, that this preposition would be the easiest and fastest way to get to really know someone. So I agreed...!

In the process of getting to know, I asked her why she was still single and no kids?
Apparently, for the last 20 years she has been married to a woman. But at the age of 43, came to the realization that she was not really gay, but someone who just supported the lifestyle.
To make up for lost time, she told me that she had also embraced a swinging life style and enjoyed having sex with multiple partners at least twice a day and was a member of at least 2 nudist resorts and spas.
That took me back for a loop and blew me away, because appearances can be deceiving. 
Here is a good looking elementary school teacher, very passive and academic, searching for a "normal" traditional relationship with a man that will accept her for what she is; but she wants him to be a one women man catering to her every need and treating her like a princess.
I am not sure if there is anyone one like that in existence, but if there is, they are far and few in between I am sure.
A little while back, I dated someone else,  with very similar circumstances. She wanted a relationship, but wanted to keep it a platonic (being in a relationship, but with the option of seeing other man).

Since we have been friends, I have met her wife, her college friend that started life as a man, but is now a women (after his/her sex change) and had coffee with a guy who is a church musician, engaged to seemingly a very devout Christian girl, living a double life, and whom just fell short of having sex with my friend in the middle of the cafe in front of me and everyone present.

A week has gone by and my friend asked me, why I never even tried to get intimate with her.
I said to her, "If you were at a party and you were served a big piece of cake that you really loved, but lets say that, everyone in the room took a small bite of your cake, would you eat it, or discard it?"
She said, "I see your point, but I truly care about you and want you to stay with me."
I told her, that we can be friends but just pick me up when you need the company or a shoulder to lean on from time to time.

In order to alleviate her consciousness and make some sort of sense of her life, we started to go to a church (United) on Sunday mornings.
Upon my second visit, we stayed behind for coffee and refreshments and I sparked a conversation with the filling in minister that was serving an internship at that location.
A young women from the Oregon, barely in her 30's, very pretty and a very pleasing vocalist. Not knowing her sexual orientation, I asked her what were her thoughts on the subject of gay marriages and the position of the United Church.

At that point her speech became very defensive and begun to tell me, that it was up to each individual church to decide if they accepted that or not. She then disclosed the fact that she was gay herself and it is in her future plans to be married in the United Church.
I thought to myself, Ok, fine and dandy, to each his own. 
But I really enjoyed her mannerism and suave speech, so I asked her if she would like to continue our conversation at some other time and if she would like to exchange numbers and text me. She agreed...!
When I got home I looked her up on FB, sent her a friends request, but to date no response to my messages or my friends request.
Next time I go to church and she approaches me, I will be extending the same courtesy, because even though she may think of herself as temporary head of a congregation and therefore too important to give someone a few minutes of her time, I have 2 PhD's and that beats an intern minister anytime.

Is it me, or are people becoming more and more lovers of themselves?
Is it me, or are people creating a society of whats in it for me first, then if I have time for you maybe.
Bitter towards one another, distant from one another and superficial in our thoughts.
A society of drones that rely on big brother for everything and being served a big cake of deception, all covered in delicious sweet frosting passed on in the guise that if you eat it, it will be good for you.  
We have become a society of crabs being cooked in water. If you have never cooked crabs, they are cooked alive in cold water and as the temperature rises 
they die in boiling water.
If you get enough people to believe that alternative lifestyles is the "norm" (including the elderly attending that church), in less than 40 years the population will be so low that if those days are not shortened.... 

You will soon begin to see baby's with birth defects caused by giving birth from sperm cells that comes from a freezer and with most infants ending up in an abortion slab will be so high, that life as we know it will be but a distant memory, with most of us scratching their heads, "Where did we go wrong?"

Compiled with all the other problems we face today such as war and rumors of war, starvation and pestilence, life on this planet will cease to exist.

Taxes - You can now find us, or the nearest tax preparer, bookkeeper, CPA or CFP on the website If you have any question feel free to call or e-mail with any tax questions you may have.
The video below describes the America monetary system, but I can assure you that the Canadian system works the same way under different labels.
Instead of The Federal Reserve Bank which is privately owned, we have *The Bank of Canada, where a Governor is appointed for a seven-year term, and can be dismissed by the government. In case of a profound disagreement between the government and the Bank, the Minister of Finance can issue written instructions for the Bank to change its policies. 
This has never actually happened in the history of the Bank to date. 
In practice, the Governor sets monetary policy independently of the government. Canadian banknotes are signed by the governor and deputy governor of the Bank of Canada. 
A slightly better monetary system (nationally), but it is still controlled by the same people, (global bankers) and operated pretty much the same way. 
* Wikipedia

- We have reached another year and in less than a month, the cycle starts all over again.

At the moment all is calm because CRA/IRS is preparing for another season, and they are still dealing with all the objections from the chaos, they have created last season.
Those who are more fearful of the damage that they can inflict, have already paid; all others have filed some sort of objection or not paid at all, regardless of penalties imposed.

One thing is for sure, due to their harassment on rental income, small and new start up businesses, many will be going underground and will not report that extra income.
I can't say I blame them either. 
If they will be audited and go as far back as 3 years, then be forced to pay back more than they would, if they had not reported in the first place - including penalties; what incentive is there to be honest on their taxes? If it is going to cause them grief, time and money, especially if they have to hire someone to help them.

I use to go out of my way to ask my clients if there is anything else they were missing, or if there was any income and expenses from a part-time business. If there was I would wait until they had all that information.
This year is a different matter, the information that is on the table is what gets filed. If there is another source such as income of say, $9600 a year from the rental of their basement - I am not even going to ask and I feel that many of my colleagues feel the same.
Simple reason, is that after they deduct part of their mortgage interest, utilities, repairs and upgrades CRA/IRS will probably owe them, then audit them with an 8 page questionnaire for each year and then deny them. 
So this way, I just won't file what I don't know. 
Clients may be missing out on a few hundred dollars on their refund, but most will not be harassed either.

Their latest attempt to generating taxes is of the legalization of marijuana, which is due to be passed as law this September (good luck with that too).
They filled jails with traffickers, but now that they see the millions flowing underground and the tax potentials that can be generated from legalizing it, it is all good as long as the government is controlling and taxing the trafficking. 
They did that with Casinos here in Canada as well, but even that was not enough. The machine gets hungrier every year. 
However the majority of potheads, are always broke and buy small amounts on credit, so that market will still continue underground.

So my message to CRA/IRS is. You deal with the messes that you are creating at least you will be guaranteeing your employment, if not just by bogus audits, but also trying to find out if people are being honest or not in their tax reporting; in all the while playing paper tennis until the end of time.

Christian Heritage Party Communique?

Peter Vogel - Deputy Leader of the Christian Heritage PartyCHP Communiqué Vol 23, Issue 03, Jan 19, 2016 

Is CHP For or Against Marijuana? 

Science-based decision-making is a much-touted theme of our current government, but how much do you know about the science of marijuana? Marijuana has two substances that we need to understand: “tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9-THC), the main psychotropic component of marijuana,” (“psychotropic” means that it causes hallucinations, and impairment) and cannabidiol (CBD). CBD has at least as many health benefits as marijuana users have been touting but marijuana users tend to have a credibility problem, so most of us are probably skeptical — and besides, even if it has a good side, do we really want to risk impairment to get the benefits?

This is where there is good news. While illegal grow-ops have been hybridizing marijuana to optimize levels of THC, making it far more potent than it previously was, work has also been done to hybridize it in the other direction, so that it has no psychotropic effects.

What would you say to someone who always complained about a pill they were taking irritating their eyes, but then you found out they were grinding the pills up and rubbing them on their face! You would say “you’re doing it wrong, read the label!”

There are correct and incorrect ways of taking necessary medication; this applies to medical marijuana as well. The medical hazards of smoking are well-known, and yet there is little condemnation of smoking marijuana; this is bizarre and unbalanced. While it is possible to control pain by smoking marijuana, it is also doing damage to the users’ lungs. What is not talked about as much is the fact that pain can be controlled by eating marijuana. I have heard that it tastes awful, but so do some other medications that people take. If people are serious about wanting to improve their health with medical marijuana, they should not be smoking it.

Taken together — not smoking it and not hallucinating or becoming impaired because of it — are you opposed to medical marijuana? Why would you be when you consider that the side effects of alternative pain medications often include addiction and liver damage? Properly administered (not by smoking), medical marijuana is very effective in managing pain and has no harmful side effects; it is not physically addictive.

Medical marijuana is already legal, though it is harder to obtain than many other pain medications; work needs to be done both in the area of education and distribution. We don’t want growers to be growing both low and high THC marijuana and legitimately selling medically beneficial marijuana on one hand, while selling high THC marijuana to recreational users on the other hand.
Proper distribution and administration could even reduce the call for physician-assisted suicide because when pain can be reduced and controlled, a patient’s outlook on life will generally improve, and they may not want to hasten death. The government could promote this angle, but they don’t seem to want to encourage proper pain medication instead of assisted suicide.

Growing and selling high THC marijuana must continue to be illegal. The dangers of impairment must be publicized. Crimes committed while “high” or drunk must not be treated leniently.

Because the federal Liberal government is not talking about these distinctions, their legalization plans are off to a bad start. Our current Prime Minister has smoked recreational marijuana (high in THC). He has no moral problem with this behaviour (even though it was illegal at the time). Legalizing it would legitimize his behaviour and also give the government a much better chance of taxing it and reaping the benefits in increased tax revenue.

As with legalized gambling, the social costs will be high and governments will be addicted to the revenues. We need to continue to stand against impairment, both drunkenness and drug-impairment. The message that we are hearing from our culture is that it is OK to be impaired, as long as we don’t drive. As Christians, we must not impair our judgment. We must be exemplary in our moderate use of God’s gifts to us. Marijuana is one of God’s gifts, and like all of His gifts, it can be used properly or abused. Let’s be wise in how we condemn its abuse and, also, how we encourage its proper use for those who could benefit from it.

CHP Canada is a wise and balanced Christian voice in our culture. We need YOU to show solidarity by joining (if you are not a member), supporting us financially, (if you are not already) and encouraging others to take an active, thoughtful role in the Canadian political scene.


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Book of the Week
" Da Vinchi Code - Separating Fact From Fiction "

Released in March 2003, the
book The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown quickly made The New York Times bestseller list. A year later, it was declared a bestseller in 100 countries, while Doubleday, its publisher, called it “the all-time
bestselling adult novel.”
Why such interest? The author claims to have given the world a fictional, fact-based conspiracy theory alleging “scientific evidence that the New Testament is false testimony” (p.341).
Because a “good read” combined with bad history is not something to stake your life on, we have asked RBC research editor Dennis Fsher to help us sort out the facts from the fiction.
Martin R. De Haan II

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This week on Idiocracy - I don't know if you have noticed, but if you have a look around you, the world seems to be getting dumber by the day. Peoples IQ has dropped dramatically in the past 10 years (look it up).
I don't know if it is due to chemtrails, the water, the GMO's and chemicals in our food, the education system or all the above. But something is definitely happening to people around the globe.
So we have decided to ad this little fun piece, named after the movie Idiocracy, entitled "This week in idiocracy".

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This week on idiocracy 


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