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Project Archetype

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Duarte & Associates Bulletin Board Jan. 3, 2016

Welcome to Duarte & AssociatesBulletin board
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The world as we see it - Another year, a new beginning.

As a new year rolls around, we pray for good tidings, good health, prosperity, lose weight and the hopes of happiness and longevity.
We make resolutions that usually last from about a week to a few weeks, promises that we intend to keep but for whatever reason never do or begin new projects that we never finish.

But here's a thought. What if we could keep that spirit of the season alive all year long?
How about, making small goals leading up to a big goal. I am not sure who said it but.... " Success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile dream".....

* Keeping the spirit of giving not taking.

How about leaving greed at the door and helping your fellow men achieve their goals and hurdles. 
Why does a lawyer have to charge $150 to $1000 / hr just to make a phone call or have his secretary send an e-mail or fax?
or an actor or sports figure getting paid millions for PLAYING a part and blowing it all on lavish parties and drugs? A good actor is just a person who can fake and act out a lie better than the rest.
Talk show hosts for interviewing people and cracking up jokes? The list goes on....
While the average family man can't make or struggles with his mortgage payments working 2 jobs. 

We are partly to blame though, if we don't watch or buy videos / Cd's that we watch or listen to no more than once, the industry doesn't make money and guess what? these "so called artists" don't get offered millions, but a much more deserving pay that is more balanced with their talents. Then and only then do we see if they do it for love of the art or the love of money.

Nationally speaking, if oil is your God, there is money to be made in Natural Gas, research and Electric vehicles....
If it is Real Estate, the quality of your life will not change if you acquire more Real Estate, nor will it bring you happiness.
As a matter of fact the only thing that will bring you hapiness is your human resources. Make others happy and your achievements that you have worked hard for, will make your own life heaven on earth.

* A servants heart

Do we strive to make our world a better one for our children and others to follow or do we take an "what's in it for me attitude?"
As some of you may know I am handicapped. Last summer on a bright sunny day, I went for a stroll in the park on my travel scooter. 
The device being a 3-wheeler hit a pot hole in the path.

Normally I can stand up without assistance. However this particular scooter has breaks like a bicycle and if someone is not there to hold the break while I struggle to get up, the scooter rolls forward and I cannot get back up on it.
Out of curiosity, I counted the number of people that passed by, before someone would ask me if I needed assistance.
18...! Eighteen people passed by, before an elderly Chinese couple stopped and helped me up without even asking.
Even though he was blind and old, he grabbed those breaks like a man half his age and his mate grabbed me by the shoulder and help me up with no problem at all.

My question is this, if you see a homeless person sitting on the sidewalk (provided they are not reeking  of booze) on your way to the coffee shop, will you pass by and look the other way? Toss him a coin and keep on walking? or bring him a coffee?

Forget about being politically correct or live in fear. What would you do?

* The spirit of harmony.

Recognizing that we are here for a short time and realizing that wherever you go after you die, you can't take it with you. Your (G)god won't care how much Real Estate you own, how much money you have or try to impose on others.
Your afterlife, if you believe in one, will be determined by your actions, not your lust. You came in to the world naked and you are leaving the same way.
I have never seen an armored truck, following a hurst. 

So realize, this. It is a big planet. There is room for all of us to love and respect one another, to build not destroy, grow food and relationships and respect human life and human existence not destroy it.
Anything else is barbarism.

You can't please everyone, there are some that won't like what I write (C'est la vi), but as the US President Roosevelt once said "you can please some of the people all the time, all the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time".
My advice to government is "stop trying to please all the minorities all the time and the majorities, none of the time". We can't all have everything the way we want it all the time.

Taxes - You can now find us, or the nearest tax preparer, bookkeeper, CPA or CFP on the website If you have any question feel free to call or e-mail with any tax questions you may have.
The video below describes the America monetary system, but I can assure you that the Canadian system works the same way under different labels.
Instead of The Federal Reserve Bank which is privately owned, we have *The Bank of Canada, where a Governor is appointed for a seven-year term, and can be dismissed by the government. In case of a profound disagreement between the government and the Bank, the Minister of Finance can issue written instructions for the Bank to change its policies. 
This has never actually happened in the history of the Bank to date. 
In practice, the Governor sets monetary policy independently of the government. Canadian banknotes are signed by the governor and deputy governor of the Bank of Canada. 
A slightly better monetary system (nationally), but it is still controlled by the same people, (global bankers) and operated pretty much the same way. 
* Wikipedia

- The calm is just about over and CRA/IRS will start one last ditch, before tax season opens on Feb. 15th to take your money. 
By then it doesn't matter if you paid it or not, they will just keep your refund and ad interest to any outstanding amount. Either way they win, because most people will do nothing.

If you think that they are not out to get you, think again. No more than 10 years ago, late fees were a mere 1.5 % of what you owed, now it is a cool 10%.
The world is preparing for a monolithic change, a global economy, perhaps even war, so someone has to pay for that. 
Guess who?

Some are asleep and say everything is alright and what I say is a conspiracy theory.
Hello...! just look what your tax correspondence, it is happening before your eyes. No one knows this better than your bookkeeper and if he or she is not fighting for you, time to make a change.
They have already modified the rules and regulations to have a reason to keep what is rightfully yours, so get informed and take action. know what belongs to Caesar and what doesn't.
No need to look for change in the news because when CRA / IRS make changes, they don't tell anyone about it, till its too late.
Double check, even triple check your returns to make sure NOTHING is missed; because you will never get it back or get a letter telling you missed some deductions. But you will get one telling you that you can't use this or that, so pay up.  


Christian Heritage Party Communique

Rod Taylor - Leader of the Christian Heritage Party CHP Communiqué Vol 22, Issue 52, Dec 29, 2015 

New Year’s Greeting from CHP Leader 

Here we are at the end of one year and the beginning of a new one. God has much to say about newness: “Behold! He makes ALL things new!”

On a daily basis, He calls us to “put off the old man” and the old ways of selfishness, laziness, and sin and to “put on”—like a garment—the “new man,” which is the life of Christ and the attitude of a cheerful servant.

God tells us that we should put “new wine into new bottles.” We must be flexible and willing to adjust our thinking. Of course, we want to walk in and honour the old paths of righteousness and duty but we also want to do our work with new, fresh joy each day. We don’t want to become weary in our well-doing, going through our daily tasks in a tired, mechanical manner. No, we want to face each task and challenge with the ever-renewing joy of the Lord, full of expectation and hope.

God tells us that His mercies are “new every morning.” We’ve all had days where we’ve been disappointed, unsuccessful, injured, lonely or discouraged but after we’ve had a good night’s sleep, we see that God is able to restore, renew, rebuild, and replenish our hope and our resolve. God is not limited by human understanding or human weakness. God is able to make the crooked straight, the lame to walk, and the blind to see.

God is able to deliver us from evil, to fill the empty places in our hearts, and to make a way for us through the wilderness because His mercies are new every morning.

So here we are at the beginning of a brand new year. Some of us have been through the grinder in 2015. Some of us may have lost a job, a house or an election. Some of us have lost a dear friend or a family member. Some may have even lost their hope. But 2016 is a brand new year!

2016 is dawning bright and clear. Because it is a Leap Year, it has for us 366 brand new days filled with God’s brand new mercies and compassions. Each day is like a blank page inviting us to be guided by God’s gentle hands as we fill those pages and those new chapters in our lives and in the unfolding history of Canada. Each page is like fresh-fallen snow waiting for our footprints as we make paths, breaking trail for others to follow.

For CHP members and candidates, the election of 2015 was an exciting and well-fought battle but that campaign ended abruptly for many of us with a surprising overturn of a government we had grown used to. Since then, many of us have been shocked to see the sweeping changes instituted by the new government—changes to Canada’s Justice system and to our alliances and commitments around the world.

As the new government has emerged from the shrouding mists of partisan electoral wrangling, we see looming before us massive deficits and unreasonable commitments to new carbon taxes. We see life itself threatened by expanded access to abortion, open support for assisted suicide and euthanasia, restricted conscience rights for doctors and other health care professionals, and the imposition of an unhealthy approach to sexuality in our schools. Can we still step into 2016 with faith, hope, and joy?

Yes, we can. We can have confidence because God’s mercies will be new every morning in 2016. No matter what happens, no matter who occupies 24 Sussex. No matter who owns the newspapers. No matter who writes the op-eds…God is still in control. He has the last word and He has the last laugh. Psalm 2 tells us that “He who sits in the heavens laughs.”

God tells us to count it all joy when we face various trials. He is not surprised by developments. He knows the end from the beginning. People may try to hurt us but God is able to make that work out for our benefit—if we love and trust Him.

In 2016, God has work for us to do. He has already given us everything that pertains to life and godliness. He has plans for you and plans for me—plans for good and not for evil—plans to give us a future filled with hope.

His mercies are new every morning. In 2016, whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your heart.

We at the national board of the Christian Heritage Party are planning to move mountains this year, to build bridges, to open doors, and to plant seeds. We expect an exciting year of opportunity and growth and we hope you’ll be growing with us. As we stand on the threshold of 2016, my wife Elaine and I would like to wish you and your loved ones a tremendously exciting and satisfying year of activity and accomplishment. Thank you for sharing this journey with us. The story is not over yet. God is still in control and he has our best interests at heart. Have a happy New Year!

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Book of the Week
" Christianity is NOT a religion "

The need of the hour is to distinguish and differentiate between "religion and Christianity". Most people in the Western world have so long identified these terms and thought them to be synonymous and equivalent, that it takes a sharp can-opener of rational argument or the sharper still "word of God" (Heb 4:12), to reveal the contrasting dichotomy between Christianity and "religion." This attempt to differentiate between the two may indeed be presumptuous, but on the other hand it might be used of God to bring the revelation of spiritual understanding that would allow someone to make the important distinction and enjoy the reality of Jesus' life. 

Please send me an e-mail and request this book, its free and there is no catch.                      
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Is The Income Tax System Legal -

This week on Idiocracy - I don't know if you have noticed, but if you have a look around you, the world seems to be getting dumber by the day. Peoples IQ has dropped dramatically in the past 10 years (look it up).
I don't know if it is due to chemtrails, the water, the GMO's and chemicals in our food, the education system or all the above. But something is definitely happening to people around the globe.
So we have decided to ad this little fun piece, named after the movie Idiocracy, entitled "This week in idiocracy".

If you have any idiocratic stories you want to share with us, e-mail them to us and we will post it in the following week's newsletter.

This week on idiocracy 

- Boxing Day sales. (See video below)
Is this what our society has crumbled to? (The Sheeple) 
I doubt if all those people are there to return defective merchandise purchased before Christmas.
Do people really need another toaster just because its at 50% off? 
keep your eyes on flyers for things you actually need, then wait until August or whenever it comes on sale, it will be at the same price then, as it is the day of the BIG sale. 
How many of these people think retailers are going to lose money on anything they sell. They may make a bit less on any one item, but because they put everything on sale, they make it up in volume.

- If you have any doubt that we are entering a global melt down, a couple of weeks ago I mailed my fiance a package with about $60 worth of content in it.
The postage cost me $120 dollars CDN. Then it costed her another $80 for excise tax. This is absurd.
Last year that same package would have cost me $20 bucks, if that.
Look around you. I am a single man, I am spending approximately $80 to $100 dollars a week in groceries. 
Last year, same time, if I spent $60 it was a bit high.
Its coming and its at the door.
Internationally - This week there was law passed in Portugal, that if a man as much whistle at a pretty girl passing by on the street, tells her that she is hot or beautiful, or flirts and she complains; that little show of attraction for the opposite sex could land you a cool 3 years in the slammer. ( I can see a fine, but jail time?)
In other words, flirting in Portugal has now become illegal. Thank God they won't do that on Facebook, almost everybody would be busted.

- They are also, trying to impose a law whereby it is unlawful to own a lighter, without insurance and a permit, this one is so stupid its laughable. 
Good reason to quit smoking I guess.
So one step for mankind, one step back in human evolution. You will all have to resort to using matches or flints to light your charcoal BBQ's.

I wonder where else they are going to try to find money to pay their national debt to the EU?

If you are thinking, that's way over there across the pond or that we North Americans are better than others, just wait until it comes to a town near you.

If you have your own idiocracy story send it to us and we will publish it in the next bulletin.

Tell your friends about us. 
Thank you my friends, for sharing this brief moment together and we look forward to our little time together next week.
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